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Bands Mr Elliott

'He surely is the Shakespearean actor of our time'

Brandon Marlowe has always leant heavily on his famous acquaintances.


"So. Farewell then."

...is the title of a new book by Wendy Cook about her late husband, the comedian, Peter Cook. Brandon is using all his expertise and connections to ensure that this project is a runaway success.

Peter Cook



"...and one man in his time plays many parts."





Those he has rubbed padded shoulders with:

At school, Simon Macorkindale of Casualty and Death on the Nile etc, also Philip Franks of Darling Buds of May, John McCarthy & Simon Carr were also contemporaries.

The Brittonioni Brothers (see below) went to an earlier School frequented by Brandon Marlowe. As did Hugh Lawrie and Tim Henman.

The relative importance of these connections, (or lack of them) all depends on whether you subscribe to the view, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

As a seasoned luvvie, Brandon could give you an apposite answer.

He has a nodding acquaintance with Peter & Alice Oswald local literary figures. Mary Wesley used the same vegetable stall until she was called away to the great camomile lawn in the sky. His advice to Eric Newby on combating a mole infestation using upturned empty wine bottles, was not tested. Mr Newby moved house shortly afterwards, but the obelisk remained. We have recently learned of the sad demise of Eric Newby and recommend reading his collected works to all those unaquainted with his unique English charm.

Recently, Brandon was asked to take part in the Heart's Tongue Theatre production of a Dada Sinfonetta. Brandon acted with usual aplomb and discovered how useful it is to retain every item of pre-war clothing no matter how moth-eaten. He astounded everyone by reciting his words while eating spaghetti. A true gourmand maquerading as a trencherman.

Eschewing the literary world and all its pretensions, Brandon has relied on his wit rather than his pen. Subsequently, he has often been hoisted by his own petard, but thankfully his sang froid has remained intact.

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