A Couple of Swells


We only stay in the best Hotels

Mr Cocoa & Mr Horlicks,as they are affectionately known, have regularly been invited to entertain the guests at numerous school speech days. This has been mainly in recognition for their sterling charity work, displays of deference and for their intimate knowledge of etiquette. We are often reminded in their shows, of their old school ties, with abundant references in latin. So far, they have declined the offer. Music from the 1920's & '30's describes their repertiore. But they are truly of their own time, whatever that may be. More contemporaneously, they have taken the classic song Hey Joe, and reworked it in their inimitable style. Now called "I say, Mr Elliott", the song is a timely reminder of the dangers of current buns.

Melody Horn Saw Point

Flying the Flag

But tell me,is this the way to Amarillo?