Celebrating the many exploits and achievements of John Elliott through the years. This site identifies the Artistic endeavours of one individual in the world of Music, Acting & Writing. A man of letters who finds the narrow constraints of a simple CV unable to spell out the length & breadth of his talent.

After devoting much of the last decade to music and recording, over the last couple of years John has returned to his first love - Acting. Always one to leap into the latest Shakespeare production and having done lots of Extra work for TV and Film fifteen years earlier, John grasped the nettle and found a London agent who could supply work in the Capital. While working on Soundart Radio, producing a couple of long running shows, he met and interviewed photographer, Robert Davidson. A series of interviews followed that would become the basis for Robert's forthcoming autobiography. To whet your appetite for further forays into film, here is a video shot on Torquay Seafront by the extraordinarily talented Cosmo Jarvis. Featuring the moustachioed John Elliott as the elderly mobility scooter user. Written and directed by Cosmo Jarvis.